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Using great creative.

We believe in the power of great creative media to change hearts and minds. We have seen its impact on customers across a broad range of clients in both not-for-profit and commercial industries. In partnering with our wonderful clients we have delivered copy, video, design and web experiences, that have driven meaningful change.

Alongside great strategy.

Creative is only as good as the strategy used to get it in front of people. Cadence is a full-service creative agency specialising in delivering integrated marketing campaigns. That means we are able to think about your brand, project or campaign in line with your overall brand presence, strategy and marketing goals.

Meet the Team

Rich Thompson

Creative Director

As the co-founder of Cadence Media, Rich heads up the creative division of Cadence Media; from ideation to campaign ready execution pieces.

Rich is passionate about the power of story. With a background in both the music and not-for-profit industries, Rich has learnt – and continues to learn – how to use story to grab attention, engage hearts and drive action.

Fun Fact:
Once, on a film shoot in Nepal, Rich got stranded in the Himalayas and had to spend a night with Buddhist Monks in the highest monastery in the world.

Matt Tooker

Director of Strategy

Matt leads the Strategy division for Cadence, bringing ten years of management consulting and project management expertise to help define and execute your marketing strategy.

Matt can help you define your goals and objectives, build a plan to meet them and ensure that it evolves through the use of relevant benchmarks and analytics.

Fun Fact:
You’d struggle to find anyone who gets more excited about a good spreadsheet.

Brendan Ridley

Digital Media Specialist

Brendan looks after the creation of our digital media projects. Whilst he loves a creative challenge, he’s also a bit of a nerd so video production and web design are a natural fit for him.

In a world where the possibilities of digital storytelling are ever expanding, Brendan is interested in bringing new ideas and techniques to the table to help communicate your story better.

Fun Fact:
From time to time, Brendan has been known to snack on a slice of frozen bread – occasionally topped with honey.

Carla Moran

Graphic & UX Designer

Carla makes every project she touches a work of art. Through digital design and illustration, Carla knows how to distil your brand’s identity and message into something that’s simple, beautiful and easy to understand.

Fun Fact:
Carla ran her first marathon in 2018. Next stop: New York Marathon!

Mariela Morbelli

Account Manager

Mariela is passionate about combining strategic and creative thinking to help brands powerfully tell their story.

With a background in communications and digital strategy, Mariela has both the experience and technical know-how to help you grow your brand.

Fun Fact:
When not in the office, you will most likely find her either in the ocean, taking photos of the ocean, or on the ocean in some kind of water sports apparatus.

Sayaka Miyashita

Communications and Design Specialist

Sayaka has always been excited about design and communications.

Her five years of B2B and B2C marketing experience gave her an understanding of the synergy between design and marketing, and lead her to expand her skillset in graphic design. Now coupled with marketing and graphic design skills, Sayaka has a strong understanding of the holistic approach to developing effective design – centred marketing strategies and campaigns.

Fun Fact:
Sayaka was born and raised in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, Japan!

Nipun Tyagi

Senior Developer

Our lead developer, Nipun makes our designs come to life online.

He’s multi-talented; able to deliver projects spanning web and mobile development, e-commerce, API integration and database projects. If you can dream it, Nipun can build it.

Fun Fact:
Nipun is most happy in life when eating vegetarian Indian food and watching a movie with family or friends.

Anthea Godsmark


Anthea has spent over 16 years in video production, working with iconic brands within both a corporate and broadcast context. Not for profit projects are close to her heart and she is convinced that the right combination of passion, skill, creative thinking and powerful messaging can result in campaigns that bring about real and lasting change.

Fun fact: Anthea has almost certainly made every Australian Women’s Weekly birthday cake for her kids, except for the popcorn-covered duck, because why would you do that?

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