Case Study: International Justice Mission

Tackling modern day slavery through the power of creative.

The partnership.

When IJM approached us to help with a rebrand, we fell in love almost instantly. Over the years it's been an enormous privilege to be involved in the big projects like fundraising campaigns, a new website, and the launch of a gift catalogue.

But it's been equally rewarding to be a part of the smaller - equally crucial - moments, like benefit dinners and social media marketing.

We're passionate to see slavery brought to an end and we're eager to play our small part.

The results.

We've worked together with IJM to re-position their brand in the Australian sector. Since this shift, IJM's presence has grown dramatically.

Not only has there been significant tangible growth in fundraising results, but IJM's influence in the government sector has lead to changes in the way policy's are made - allowing for more people to be rescued and restored, and more perpetrators to be brought to justice. To see a great representation of this, take a look at this page that tells the story of IJM's impact.

How we're helping

Campaign creative
Campaign branding
Graphic Design
Video Production
Campaign Strategy
Digital Advertising
Website UX and Dev
Direct mail

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