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We love integrated creative campaigns


Consistency and co-ordination in design and execution across both traditional and digital media makes for an effective campaign.


Compelling creative and a clear message – The success of your marketing efforts relies on your ability to cut through the noise and engage your target market with a message that inspires them to act. Clear and creative communication goes a long way to achieving this aim.


Investing in your campaigns – Whether you are fundraising, looking to acquire new clients, or boosting sales from existing ones, being purposeful in how you invest your time and media buying into a well thought out and structured campaign will deliver meaningful results.


Engaging audiences on a platform relevant to them – We have a diverse skill set that allows us to build campaign elements across the media channels that your clients engage with whether it’s Radio, Print, TV or digital media.


Take a look at a few of our featured campaigns below.

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Fundraising campaign: MAF Australia

Produced for the MAF Father’s Day campaign, we created a series of videos release through Facebook. The creative was built as an ode to the old Cottees commercial, and we created this song for the MAF kids to sing.

The combined video campaign generated 200,000+ views.

In addition to this we ran a direct mail campaign and an advocate driven appeal. The total campaign generated over 500 new donors and a record number of gifts.

Watch video #1 Watch video #2

Social Media campaign: Slim Dusty

To celebrate Slim Dusty Day on the 13 year anniversary of his passing, we were asked to create a video of what Slim meant to people.

We collected a montage of messages from friends, family, fans and personalities and created a special tribute that people could share on social media with their own post of what Slim means to them.

With over 95,000 views, 2,500 responses and over 500 stories collected it was a solid success.


Watch the video

Enrollment Campaign: aifc

aifc is a leader in Christian Counselling Education. We had the privilege of running their enrolment campaign – utilising Video, Social, Print, SEM and Email channels to deliver the campaign.

Video was used both as a social media hook and as YouTube preroll ads.The SEM and SEO work saw aifc on the front page (and most often, the first result) in almost all of the preferred campaign keyword phrases. This generated a large volume of highly qualified traffic to the site and converted into strong leads via the use of a downloadable course guide.

With record traffic the site, and a deeper engagement experience, we are very proud of the work we were able to do alongside aifc.

Check out the site Watch Intro Video Watch Social Video

Recruitment campaign: MAF

MAF had a challenge on their hands.

The life of the organisation – and the incredible work it does – depends on there being workers to go out into the field. But getting people to leave their jobs, home and comfort zone, and move to a challenging environment is no small ask.

Utilising video, a campaign landing page and an automated email series we were able to offer the opportunity to explore serving with MAF from the comfort of the sofa.

Our campaign, working alongside the HR department at MAF Australia, resulted in a tripling of enquiries and the highest numbers of new recruits in the MAF world. And it was a whole lot of fun to build!


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