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We love using real-time data to make decisions


The real power of Digital Marketing is the ability to make decisions based on access to immediate real-time data about your customers leading into and in the midst of a campaign.


A blend of Science and Art – We deliver campaigns across all channels, however it is the immediacy and availability of data that we believe differentiates the digital channel from traditional campaigns. Bringing Science to the traditional Art lead practice of marketing.

Understand your customer base – Our Customer Profiling and Analytics review establishes the key demographic and geographic profile for your customer base in order to inform both the campaign structure and the creative design.

Your existing customer base is a key source of insight that can be leveraged to determine buying patterns, engagement preferences and the media channels that potential customers will consume.

Benchmark your organisation – Cadence will establish key digital marketing benchmarks for your organisation to identify areas of opportunity and improvement that the campaign can leverage.

Demonstrate success – Using established benchmarks each campaign provides meaningful data on what worked (and importantly what didn’t) to dramatically improve the effectiveness of future campaigns.

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